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ESUG Speaker, David Chisnall, Makes Reference to Smalltalk in “Prototypes and Object Orientation” Article

SmalltalkDavid Chisnall makes reference to Smalltalk in a recent article that examines two pre-eminent examples of object-oriented languages: classes and prototypes.

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Cincom Smalltalk Roadmap … Learn and Participate in Your Future with Cincom Smalltalk

If you use any Cincom Smalltalk products (Cincom® ObjectStudio®, Cincom® VisualWorks®) at any level, you will probably enjoy hearing about our recent, current and future changes to the Cincom Smalltalk products.

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Meet Smalltalk Experts at 2010 International Smalltalk Conference

ESUG in Barcelona, SpainCincom is pleased to announce that ESUG’s exciting list of speakers for the 2010 International Smalltalk Conference in Barcelona, Spain includes Cincom Smalltalk experts.

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