Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many partners and customers than other commercial providers.

Tom Nies

Cincom Smalltalk™ Programs Portal

Cincom Smalltalk Programs Available for Customers and Partners

There are many available programs put in place to help Cincom Smalltalk customers and partners succeed with their application development and grow their businesses.

Cinovation Lab

 An ideas incubator that considers new opportunities as a possible start-up business and you as the entrepreneur.

Cincom Smalltalk Developer Program

The object of the Cincom Smalltalk Developer Program is to create an environment that allows Cincom Smalltalk customers and partners to participate in the ongoing development of the Cincom Smalltalk system.

Cincom Smalltalk Partner Program

The Cincom Smalltalk Partner Program is designed to develop and maintain relationships with organizations and individuals specializing in providing object oriented solutions.

Cincom Smalltalk Partner Promotion Program

The Cincom Smalltalk team  is extending an offer to its current users to let us assist in helping to market their applications or services. This assistance is being offered as a free service in an effort to help partners and users grow their brands and increase the usage of their Cincom Smalltalk applications.

Event Promotion

Do you have a Camp Smalltalk, Smalltalk conference or other event that you would like promoted? We are always happy to promote Smalltalk events around the world. These events help strengthen the Smalltalk community and provide opportunity for Smalltalkers to work together and think of new ideas.