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Pragmas, Pragmas, and More Pragmas: Hidden Gems – Tagging, Part 3

Hidden Gems Screencast

The Hidden Gems screencast is a series of live coding examples created for passionate Cincom Smalltalk developers.

These screencasts share valuable insight into the products and inform our users about things they may not know about.

Pragmas are a true hidden gem, and when used well, can help make applications simpler and easier to develop and maintain. We use past Hidden Gems examples and show how you can add new data series to applications by adding a single new method:

Included in this screencast:

  • Pragma keyword setup (declaration)
  • Finding Pragmas
  • Pragma add notification and response
  • Best practices

You can watch this new Hidden Gems screencast here.

This is a powerful video that demonstrates how you can add new data with just one method! We hope this screencast provides a lot of value and new ideas for developers.