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ESUG Speaker, David Chisnall, Makes Reference to Smalltalk in “Prototypes and Object Orientation” Article

David Chisnall, one of the speakers at the recent European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) Conference, makes reference to Smalltalk in a recent article that examines two pre-eminent examples of object-oriented languages: classes and prototypes. 

Chisnall, who is credited for founding and developing the Étoilé project as well as helping to write A Practical Guide to RedHat Linux (Second Edition), examines the strengths and weaknesses of both languages and the confusion of certain terms that are used when describing programming languages.

Chisnall also discusses the idea of “delegation” in object-oriented languages, including the often confusing “metaclass” that adds to the idea’s complexity. In addition, he explains how a special case of delegation called “subclassing” relates to languages such as Smalltalk and Java. 

To read David Chisnall’s article, which was published in the online publication, informIT, click here.