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ESUG to Feature Lecture on Discovering Smalltalk

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Edinburgh, ScotlandAt the European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) conference, which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on August 22-26, 2011, Stéphane Ducasse will be giving a lecture on Discovering Smalltalk.

Smalltalk is a pure and elegant object language, and this lecture will cover the fundamental aspects of Smalltalk: syntax, semantics and key aspects of the system, and in doing so, it will also revise the real semantics of self/super.

The lecture will show the power of polymorphism in action by simply learning from the system. Finally, he will go into the design aspect again based on the systems. As a bonus, he will start the lecture with a 15-minute presentation of Seaside, which is a powerful web framework for dynamic web applications.

This lecture may be followed by an additional lecture on more advanced object-oriented design: law of demeter, encapsulation, multiple interface of classes, and composition vs. inheritance.

The lecture takes place on Saturday, August 20 at 9h30 and ends at 16h00. For location information, visit

Bio on Stéphane Ducasse: Stéphane Ducasse is expert on object-oriented language design, dynamic languages, reflective programming, language semantics as well as re-engineering, program analysis, visualizations, and software metrics. Recently he made a significant impact with his work on traits and composable method groups. Traits have been introduced such as AmbiantTalk, Pharo, Perl-6, PHP 5.4 and Squeak, and they have influenced Scala and Fortress SUN Microsystems. Stéphane is one of the developers of Pharo (—an open-source language inspired by Smalltalk. He is also one of the core developers of Moose, an open-source re-engineering environment ( 

He is the president of the European Smalltalk User Group and organizes a yearly international conference on Smalltalk. He also wrote a couple of fun books to teach programming and other serious topics such as dynamic web development (