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I AM CINCOM – Celebrating Our Shared Cincom Experience

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Cincom is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and to celebrate that honor, we will be having a 12-month-long “Next 50 Years” celebration that will include events and initiatives aimed at honoring the company’s storied past while building for the future.

“[Cincom was meant to] provide an environment that aided and encouraged each of its colleagues to become highly competent, and also truly good, virtuous and noble persons, who would be stimulated and gratified by actions that enable each Cincomer to become all that each one of us can become … successfully fulfilling our economic mission while helping each and every Cincomer to become all that each one of us can become was, and still is, our ‘Impossible Dream.'”

Over the past several months, Cincomers from across the globe have contributed thoughtful statements, testimonials and interviews describing their experiences at Cincom for a series of video interviews called “I Am Cincom.” These videos were made to demonstrate the shared experience all Cincomers have and will be playing on the video boards in the lobby at Corporate Headquarters and our international offices.

Suzanne Fortman, the Cincom Smalltalk Program Director and Engineering Manager, was one of the interviewees. You can watch Suzanne’s Cincom experience here: