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A Look Back: Cincom’s Historic Flight of the Concorde

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Thirty-two years ago on June 10, 1988, Cincom brought the Concorde SST to Cincinnati.  On board were 70 Cincom clients from 10 European countries who were invited to join us here in Cincinnati as a part of Cincom’s 20th anniversary celebrations. 

This historic flight of the British Airways Concorde supersonic jet was the first-ever chartered flight for the Concorde. It was also the first inland landing of the Concorde in America and the only time it came to Cincinnati, which at the time, was celebrating its bicentennial.

The Concorde’s five low-level crossings over all of the Greater Cincinnati area were made in a star-shaped pattern, and there were several opportunities for several people who came to the Cincinnati International Airport to “come aboard” and experience the Concorde from within.  

A local radio station, 55KRC, broadcast the five low-altitude “fly-bys” that Cincom had arranged for the people of Cincinnati. In a newspaper interview, Cincom Founder and CEO, Tom Nies, said, “We are proud to share with Cincinnati this kind of high technology, which is leading us into the 21stcentury.” – Yahoo Finance 

Here we are 32 years after that historic flight, and Cincom is still going strong.  Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, the company’s growth is still fueled by that same energy, ingenuity and commitment of many, many Cincomers worldwide. 

Looking at these historical moments makes us all proud to be a Cincomer. The hard work, dedication and perseverance of Tom Nies is the example we all are given and strive to achieve each day. As Mr. Nies says,

“Whatever we are accomplishing now is due to the efforts, perseverance and commitment of all Cincomers.  The idea that ‘people need growth, and growth needs people’ was a frequently stated and deeply held belief during those wonderful years, and it is just as true today as it was then.”