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Happy 50th Anniversary, Cincom!

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Software industry pioneer, Cincom, will mark the 50th anniversary of its founding with a 12-month long “Next 50 Years” celebration, beginning in September, 2018, that will include events and initiatives aimed at honoring the company’s storied past while building for the future.

Details for “Next 50 Years” will be made available in future announcements. For now, Cincom founder and CEO Tom Nies is keeping the company’s accomplishments in perspective.

“Among the various successes has been Cincom’s ability to transition from one industry to another,” Nies explains. “We’ve sold quite a few different products in radically different market spaces, but at all times, we sold the idea of value to the customer. Providing significant value so that customers can easily see that Cincom is worth the investment is an important differential for us.”

The company was truly an original at the time of its inception in 1968, when Nies split from IBM to pursue the radical idea that the future of business information technology was in software, not hardware. Cincom has been an industry mainstay ever since. Originally selling database management software, Cincom has kept pace with the evolution of technology and market demands, now focusing on software that helps businesses deliver better experiences to their customers.

Cincom’s expansion during its first 50 years wasn’t limited to the product line. Starting with a card table in a garage in Cincinnati, Cincom now has offices in Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom to serve its global customer base.

Five decades of changing products, shifting markets and global expansion have given Nies a lot to consider when looking at the next 50 years for his company.

“We can’t be a follower and succeed,” Nies says. “We have to blaze the trails. Sometimes, the people who blaze the trails have to overcome a lot of difficult obstacles along their journey, but that makes them stronger. It is not easy, but it is stimulating, gratifying and rewarding. Most of all, it is a thrilling experience. As long as we keep that spirit and that mindset, Cincom will continue to thrive.”

About Cincom

Cincom is a global software company with a legacy of innovation dating back to its founding in 1968. Cincom solutions help organizations improve the way they do business, from multi-channel configure-price-quote solutions for complex products and services to software improving customer communications management capabilities. In other words, Cincom builds solutions to help clients improve their most critical business processes and to improve operating results. Visit for more information.