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Call for Contributions ‒ 22nd International Smalltalk Joint Conference

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The attendees include engineers who use Smalltalk in business as well as students and teachers who use Smalltalk both for research and didactic purposes.

The conference will be held in Cambridge, England from August 18-22, 2014 (, and conference organizers are seeking participation from attendees to make this conference the huge success that the Smalltalk community has come to expect.

Like previous years, this year’s edition of the largest European Smalltalk event will include the regular Smalltalk developer’s conference featuring renowned invited speakers as well as a Smalltalk camp that provides the ideal setting for interactions and discussions.

This year will also mark the 10th edition of the Innovation Technology Awards, where prizes will be awarded to authors of the best Smalltalk-related projects. The top three teams with the most innovative software will receive, respectively, 500 Euros, 300 Euros and 200 Euros during an awards ceremony at the conference. Developers of any Smalltalk-based software are welcome to compete. For more information, visit

In addition, an international workshop on Smalltalk and dynamic languages ( will also take place as well as Camp Smalltalk.

You can support the ESUG conference in many different ways, such as:

  • Sponsoring the conference. New sponsoring packages are described at
  • Submitting a talk, software or a paper to one of the events (see below).
  • Attending the conference. We’d like to beat 2008’s attendance record of 170 people who attended the conference in Amsterdam.
  • Enrolling in the Student Volunteers Program. Students can get free registration and hosting. If you are a student wanting to attend ESUG, have you considered being a student volunteer? Student volunteers help keep the conference running smoothly; in return, they have free accommodations, while still having most of the time free to enjoy the conference. For more information, visit or

Developers Forum: International Smalltalk Developers Conference

We are looking for YOUR experience in using Smalltalk. You will have 30 minutes for presentations and 45 minutes for hands-on tutorials.

The list of topics for the normal talks and tutorials includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • XP practices, development tools, experience reports
  • Model-driven development, Web development, team management
  • Meta-modeling, security, new libraries and frameworks
  • Educational material, embedded systems and robotics
  • SOA and Web services, interaction with other programming languages

Teaching Pearls and Show Us Your Business

New for this year!

In addition to the usual talks and “show us your projects” sessions, conference organizers are hoping to organize two new session types:

  • Show Us Your Business (10-minute session) – Get prepared!
  • Teaching Pearls – We’d like to put together a session on how to teach some design aspects. We want your tips and tricks on teaching Smalltalk or OOP.

We expect to have several 10- to 15-minute sessions aggregated.

How to Submit

Submission deadline is June 15, 2014, and notification of acceptance will be on done on the fly.

For more information, visit here.

Don’t Wait!

Positions are limited, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply. Prospective presenters should submit a request to Stephane Ducasse at, using the following header:

ESUG 2014 Developers

Please follow the template below so that the email will be automatically processed.

Subject: [ESUG 2014 Developers] + your name
First Name:
Last Name:
Email address where you can always be reached:
Type: Tutorial/Talk/Teaching Pearl

Any presentations not respecting this form will be discarded automatically.

We look forward to seeing you there!