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The Cincom Smalltalk™ Logo: Out with the Old, in with the New

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Cincom Smalltalk "Cube" LogoAs Cincom Smalltalk moves forward with new capabilities, new clients and new opportunities, its logo is also moving forward by taking on a brand-new, fresh, modernistic look.  The logo replaces the previous “Cube” design that has been associated with the product for several years now.

Cincom Smalltalk "Atomic" LogoThe New Cincom Smalltalk Logo

The new Cincom Smalltalk logo’s “atomic design” symbolizes Cincom Smalltalk’s growth, innovation and ability to give its clients and partners the ultimate in object-oriented technology.

The new logo is currently set to be used in all Cincom Smalltalk marketing and promotional materials.

Official Partner with Cincom SmalltalkThe New Logo and Cincom Smalltalk Partner Programs

For more information on Cincom Smalltalk Partner programs, visit

So, familiarize yourself with the new logo as your Cincom Smalltalk experience continues to grow and flourish!