With constant demands for
cost-savings, it is rewarding for us to have a development tool that is both appropriate and productive.

Lennart Stenberg, Swedish National Tax Authority

Cincom Smalltalk Foundation

The Cincom ObjectStudio and Cincom VisualWorks Foundation has major improvements.


The underlying text handling of the entire foundation has been re-written from the ground up and integrated in order to handle modern and future needs.  Here are just a few areas of new capability in text handling:

  • Annotations
  • Adornments
  • Alignments
  • Actions
  • Cursors
  • Fonts
  • Unicode
  • Bidirectional content
  • Sparklines
  • Lists
  • Embedded images

These are significant upgrades. For example, Annotations allow information to be conveyed without embedding it in the text; Bidirectional content enables advanced internationalization; Sparklines allow mini graphs embedded in the text.

If you significantly improve something used everywhere in the product, like Text, you significantly improve the potential of everything you can do with the product.

Source Code Editor

Our new source code editor is a very significant improvement and takes full advantage of Text2 abilities. It has built in auto-completion and code highlighting with a capable theming system.  Annotations greatly improve how warning and information is conveyed to the developer.  The Code critic is now built in. The new source code editor is architected to allow enhancements and support for domain specific languages (DSL’s).

Source Code Editor Themes

The new source code editor uses popular themes to customize colors, fonts, sizes and much more. Developers can build their own themes.


SiouX is our new HTTP server for a unified, scalable and high performance HTTP server.

For this release:

  • SiouX moved from preview to production
  • SessionCookieFilter
  • Locale Filter
  • Request Filters
  • BasicAuthentication Filters
  • LoadBalancing Options
  • Session Support
  • WebSockets
  • Improved Tools
  • Examples


AppeX is our lightweight, flexible, next generation web app framework supporting Web applications using:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • XHR
  • WebSockets

For this release:

  • AppeX moved from preview to production
  • JavaScript editor with syntax highlighting
  • Integration with SiouX’s;
    • Session management
    • WebSockets
    • Web configuration for SiouX server
    • Amber example


New Drivers and options

  • Cincom supplied and supported drivers
  • Protocol 3 supported
    • Protocol 2 is being phased out by Postgres
    • New Libpq C driver
      • May offer greater performance
      • Will use array binding when available