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Cincom Smalltalk’s Answer to the Web App Development Demand

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In “The Move to Digital Business Demands Investment in Five Classes of Technology,” Gartner’s Jim Tully and Tom Austin state:

“This accelerating pace places great strains on current technologies and on the approaches used to implement new solutions. The required speed of deployment will require nontraditional approaches to development and operation. In addition, the uncertainties of new and emerging digital business models will require solutions that provide much greater flexibility to allow for adjustments as the business evolves.” 

With web development moving so quickly, businesses are forced to deal with challenges never before seen.  Cincom Smalltalk™ addresses these challenges by simplifying the development process for our users, while maintaining the flexibility and scalability that these new technologies require.

What Is SiouX?

Cincom is providing new tools to enhance a developer’s ability to develop rich-behavior web applications. SiouX is a lightweight, high-performance HTTP server with native streaming support, and it is now the underlying server for all Cincom® VisualWorks® web components, replacing multiple servers. SiouX’s flexibility and scalability allows the easy integration of Seaside, Web Services and other web technologies all running on the same server.

What Does AppeX Offer?

AppeX is Cincom’s new application development framework for the web. AppeX is built on top of the SiouX server and supports seamless writing of object-oriented JavaScript code inside Cincom Smalltalk IDEs, as well as automatic session management and server event notification with Server-Sent Events (SSEs).