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With an open ear to our customers and the Smalltalk community, as well as our own engineering and support staff, we continue to make changes to our software.  These changes have been designed for two reasons:  (1) to benefit our customers and (2) to benefit Smalltalk by keeping it vital and competitive.  With these benefits in mind, the changes we have implemented have included:

  • New Features
  • Refinement / Enhancements / Updates
  • Foundational (Prerequisites for Future Work)
  • Cleanup:
    - Removing unused, obsolete and broken code
    - Refactoring /restructuring old code /subsystems / frameworks
    - Disruptive / non-disruptive

› To see the presentation of the latest Roadmap, click here.

Product Cycle

We are moving to having an annual major release of each product, along with maintenance releases or service-pack online updates, at regular intervals in between.

  • Why: Customers requested a true maintenance update that represents refinements and fixes to the major release, and does not include significant new features and functionality, which could represent more work for porting and production application certification.
  • We heard you:  Our Fall Cincom Smalltalk Release is a true maintenance release as requested by Cincom Smalltalk customers.

Cincom Smalltalk Foundation – Recent Changes

  • Unicode Windows virtual machine
    - Wide char support is now standard and the basis for Internationalization work
  • Store Revamped
    - Store was revamped to use O-R mapping for speed and a base for future changes
  • 64 bit work
    - Significant fixes/improvements
  • Atomic loading
    - A code loading and integration technology that allows developers to avoid a class of difficulties related to sequence and prerequisites when loading code
  • Delays
    - An alternative implementation addresses issues like handling the current time being changed on the host computer during the delay; or the time changing due to daylight savings time
  • Mac virtual machine improvements and support
  • New prerequisite engine integration
  • Merge Engine
    - Faster, more capable merge engine
  • New Comparison Tool
  • Store improvements
    - New Store Browsers (RB based)
    - Glorp based Store garbage collection
    - Fixes and cleanup
  • Seaside Framework
    - Latest release integrated

Cincom® ObjectStudio® – Recent Changes

  • Latest Foundation base with improvements
  • Modeling Tool (comprehensive)
    - The Modeling Tool allows a business architect to design, and generate the framework for, a software system, using this powerful UML base tool
  • Mapping Tool
    - Revamped to use more powerful O-R mapping technology
    - The mapping tool allows and easy connection from relationship databases
    - Graphical utilization of Glorp’s most important capabilities
    - Improved integration with Modeling tool
  • Windows message loop moved from C to Smalltalk
    - ASends also handled in Smalltalk (Asynch msg sends)
    - Fixed out-of-sequence events caused by debugger in classic
  • Spy debug tool
    - Tracks messages sent to specific instances
  • Scriptable Installer
    - Now using a more flexible XML based installer
  • New professionally designed logos & icons
  • Compatible with Windows 7 (The first and only Compatible with Windows 7 Smalltalk Environment)
  • Runtime Packager for ObjectStudio,  improvements
    - Made more familiar  for those migrating from 7.x
  • Cursor support for Oracle
    - Adds PL/SQL reference cursor support
  • Unicode Support for Databases
  • Trippy inspector
    - Now the standard, featured inspector
  • Lots of refinements & fixes

Cincom® VisualWorks® – Recent Changes

  • Foundation Upgrade
  • Internationalization (CLDR based, Unicode standard)
    - Going from 14 locales to hundreds
  • 64 bit platforms major revamp
    - Solaris
    - Linux
  • COM Revamp
    - More easily integrate Windows capabilities into VisualWorks applications
    - Tools
  • COM ActiveX
  • New professionally designed icons & logos
  • Grid preview
  • WSDL 2.0 / SOAP 1.2
    - Revamped to handle updated protocols
  • Store  improvements from foundation
    - Store now completely revamped
  • New comparison tool and merge engine 
  • Project Launcher
  • Polycephaly (leverages multi-core computers) preview
  • Internationalization collation performance improvements
  •  Garbage collection performance improvements
    - Incremental GC now more efficient
  • Many refinements and fixes

Cincom Smalltalk – Future Work

  • External Encryption
  • Store improvements – Speed Improvements
  • Store improvements – Configuration Management
  • IPV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)
  • Seaside Framework
    - Latest release integrated

ObjectStudio – Future Work

  • Headline feature improvements – Mapping
  • Mapping tool – advanced Object/Relational capabilities
    - Inheritance mapping
    - Conditional mapping
    - Dictionary mapping
  • Headline feature improvement – Modeling
  • Interaction diagrammer
  • Editor enhancements
  • Designer/ GUI Builder refinements
  • Database performance improvements
  • Upgrade build and product to use latest MS compiler

VisualWorks – Future Work

  • IPV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)
  • “Skins” UI improvement work
  • “Fluid Positioning” layout tool work
  • Win64bit VM installation work
  • Win64bit VM move to supported
  • WSDL/SOAP refinements (specific customer requests)
  • Database driver performance work and refinements
  • Polycephaly moved to supported
  • Polycephaly II (adds grid computing) previews
  • Fonts integration improved
  • Multi-touch
  • Code highlighting
  • Autocomplete

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