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“Nothing detected to install” comes up during installation of Cincom VisualWorks on MacOS

Some folks have reported some difficulties in installing Cincom® VisualWorks® on more recent versions of MacOS.
Jeremy Jordan Changed status to publish August 28, 2018
During Installation if you see “Nothing detected to install” during the installation:
  1. Click “other” , then “browse”.
  2. Click in the “Look in:” section of the open file dialog.  Near the bottom, it should have the name of your iso file.  Select it. (in our case we selected CST17b, then /Volumes/CST17b was shown).(Alternatively, you could search for
  3. Select the file, press the Open button at the bottom of the dialog, then press OK.
Installation should now proceed as it usually does. We hope this helps. Please report any other difficulties to
Jeremy Jordan Changed status to publish August 28, 2018
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