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How do I do a custom installation for Cincom VisualWorks?

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A custom installation allows you to choose the version of  Cincom® VisualWorks® to install (not merely the most recent), the target directory, and the specific components you wish to install. The steps are:
  1. (Optional) Click on Check Server to retrieve a list of available versions from Cincom’s web site. To skip this step and install the version on the CD, click Next. While contacting the website for version information, the Installer also checks for an update to the Installer itself. If one is available, you may install it immediately by clicking on Apply Updates. Once the Installer has finished scanning the website, click on Next.
  2. Select a product and version to install. All available products and versions are shown in the drop-down list. Selecting one item causes the Installer to fetch additional details (these may take a few seconds to display).
  3. Choose the version you wish to install, and click Next.
  4. Specify the installation directory.
    Tip: If you have previous versions of VisualWorks installed, we recommend installing into a new directory rather than installing over a previous version. This allows you to run previous version(s) as well.
    When you have made your selections, click Next.
  5. Select the VisualWorks components you want to install. Select at least the Base VisualWorks component and the VM (virtual machine) component for your platform, which are the minimum requirements for a working installation. When you have made your selections, click Next.
  6. Review the summary of installation options, then click Next. If you wish to change any of these options, click Back.
  7. For non-commercial distributions, review the license agreement. Select “I Accept” and click Install. The Installer shows progress as each component is copied to the local disk of your workstation.
  8. When the Installer indicates completion, click Exit to finish.
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