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Hidden Gems Tutorials: Database and Storing Code and Data

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In these tutorials, we explore multiple techniques tailored for scenarios where employing a full-scale database may be excessive or impractical, providing elegant solutions for managing data without the burden of a traditional database system.

Throughout the series, viewers will gain invaluable insights into efficient and effective methods for retrieving objects. Whether you’re a seasoned Smalltalk developer or new to the language, these tutorials will equip you with the expertise to harness the full potential of object storage in Cincom Smalltalk, unveiling hidden gems that optimize performance and streamline data management.

Hidden Gems: Object Persistence

Object persistence is about saving and restoring the state of an object. This can be done in a variety of ways, often with a relational or object database. But what alternatives are there and how do they work? That is what this video will discuss, build, and demonstrate. This tutorial will demonstrate a simple, powerful, and useful text-based technique that is not widely known and includes:

  1. Creating a text-based representation of a large object
  2. Saving the text-based format to a file
  3. Re-creating the object from the file contents
  4. Advantages/disadvantages discussion

Watch this screencast here: