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Acronym Soup and Buzzword Bingo: What Is RPA, CSV, FRED and “No-Code Low-Code?”

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The Hidden Gems screencast series was created for developers who are passionate about using Cincom Smalltalk. These screencasts give the viewer live coding examples while sharing valuable insight into the product and informing them about things they may not know.

In last month’s Hidden Gems screencast, we showed you a Store replication tool that you can use to back up your whole (or select parts) repository.  We used an SQLite repository as the target.

In this month’s Hidden Gems screencast, we will demonstrate tools that are relevant to:

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)

We will show you how to automate the download of FRED data (CSV format) from a website using the Power Automate Desktop tool (RPA). Then we will show you a tool to give you “No-Code” access to that data with the Smalltalk CSVDataExplorer.  Low-Code comes into effect if you want to customize the code that the tool provides. The CSVDataExplorer uses an IETF standard for the format.

This screencast is part of the Techniques Series that shows various techniques for accomplishing or solving different tasks using Cincom Smalltalk, as well as the Tools Series, which explores some tools and product features that developers should find useful.

If you have questions, comments or ideas for other Smalltalk examples or suggestions for future Hidden Gems, please email the Cincom Smalltalk Product Team at