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How Purchasing the REV 9.1 Program Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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Cincom Smalltalk 9.1 is available for customers and partners. Cincom Smalltalk 9.1 continues to improve and enhance infrastructure, such as in GUI and TLS/Security areas, to allow continued future improvements while keeping API capability. You can check out more on the latest release here.

Learn more about the REV ProgramHowever, version 9.1 is not currently available for the Personal Use License, and the availability date has not been determined. To help interested users take full advantage of the current release and all it has to offer, we created the REV 9.1 Program.  We created this program for you to partner with Cincom and receive all the benefits of being a customer.

What benefits and value do we give Cincom Smalltalk REV 9.1 customers that a trial user never receives with the PUL?


  • Don’t wait! Receive the full product NOW
    REV 9.1 participants get the current release of Cincom Smalltalk 9.1 and any other releases that launch during the purchased period.
  • Receive full support for a one-year/12-month time period
    This is a new way to evaluate Cincom and Cincom Smalltalk.
  • Have an opportunity to join the Developer Program
    This exclusive program gives approved subscribers early beta releases of our product to see where we are taking it and to give comments and feedback to help us build out the future of commercial Smalltalk.
  • Have an opportunity to join the Partner Promotion Program
    This program helps participants promote their applications and find the right markets or space to promote what they have been working on.

What do customers think about the program? One recently told us,

“I’m so happy with the REV 9.1 program! During my 12 months in the program, I started with 9.0, then got 9.0.1 when it came out last fall and just recently received 9.1. The best part is that I wasn’t hounded by salespeople. I was simply notified when there was a new release and given easy instructions on how to get it. I appreciate Cincom for creating such a valuable program for a programmer in my situation. It is a perfect experience to get to know Cincom and use Cincom Smalltalk.”
– Alex G.

Learn more about the REV ProgramSmalltalk prides itself on simplicity, and we’ve recently enhanced the REV 9.1 Program process, making it just a few simple steps to get started. Interested? Simply click here and begin your journey!

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