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How One REV 9.1 Customer Discovered a New Contributed Item

How One REV 9.1 Customer Discovered a New Contributed Item

A new REV 9.1 customer recently shared a story with us that we thought was interesting.  With his permission, we would like to share it with you:

I’ve been using Cincom® VisualWorks® PUL for a long time and had been waiting for the next release. When I found out it might be a while, I decided to check out the REV 9.1 program you’ve been promoting recently.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this really was an easy way for me to get my hands on the new version of VisualWorks 9.1. Now I have full support AND the full product. Your marketing group is also helping me with a story to promote my application! In fact, they have been asking me some really tough and detailed questions to help me with delivery, pricing and promotion.  We’re kind of joking it’s like, ‘Business Bootcamp.’

As a PUL user, I always liked to check out the Contributed Items to find out what other people are doing with Cincom Smalltalk. One item I’ve been using for quite a while is the ‘PackageCompareTool.’  I use it all the time for comparing one package with another, and I was pretty bummed to find out I couldn’t use it with REV 9.1. I appreciate you listening to my request and contacting the author about making a version that works with Cincom Smalltalk 9.x.

Luckily, the Cincom Smalltalk Community is active and happy to work with other like-minded Smalltalkers, and last week I was able to test out the new PackageComparisonTool for 9.x. It works great!  

I really wish I would have jumped on the REV program years ago.  The products, tools and relationship with the Cincom Smalltalk team is well worth every penny.

Ryan S.
Happy REV 9.1 Customer (Stay tuned for my user story, and link to my site.)

*This contributed item is available for both 9.1 and 8.3.

You can find the PackageComparisonTool here, along with a lot of other useful and cool items to enhance your Cincom Smalltalk experience.

When we contacted the author of the PackageComparisonTool, he was excited to develop this new upgrade:

Being able to set the Package Comparison Tool to focus only on things that had been removed between versions helped me quickly upgrade my contributed package so that it continued to be useful in newer versions of Cincom® ObjectStudio® and Cincom VisualWorks if a user is using Store for code management. James S. (Author)