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Hindsight Is 2020: a Look Back at What We Communicated in an Unprecedented Year

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Remember when 2020 started? It was the beginning of a new decade, and everyone was excited to see what the year had in store. In late February, Tom Nies, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Cincom Systems, Inc., showing care and concern for his Cincom family, began issuing various guidelines for those who might be traveling on behalf of the company. None of us at Cincom (and we’re sure you have a similar story) suspected that by mid-March, many things around the world would be shut down for the remainder of the year. 

Life has certainly taken many twists and turns over the last nine months, and it is still difficult to process everything. But, as we’ve communicated in recent Cincom Smalltalk Digest newsletters, it’s not all been negative. 

Here’s a look at what we’ve communicated throughout 2020:

Communication in 2020 with Cincom Smalltalk Customers and Partners

Communication in 2020 with Cincom Smalltalk Prospects and Users

Technical Articles from Cincom Smalltalk in 2020

Important Events and Event Promotion in 2020

Other News and Promotions in 2020