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Important Events and Event Promotion in 2020

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We are always happy to promote Smalltalk and other developer-related events around the world. These events help strengthen the Smalltalk community and provide opportunities for Smalltalkers to work together and think of new ideas. 

However, 2020 changed the landscape of how people can attend events. In April, the UK Smalltalk User Group changed its monthly in-person meeting to an online meeting from home through Zoom. The hidden benefit of this format was that people from all over the world were able to attend this virtual meetup. Over 30 people signed up for this event with many of them attending at least some part of the meeting. Little did we know at the time that this would become the standard for events throughout the remainder of the year.

Later in the year, on Wednesday, September 30, Cincom’s Niall Ross and Vladimir Degen gave a presentation at this monthly meetup. The subject of the online talk was “AppeX: Writing JavaScript in the Cincom Smalltalk IDE” and gave an opportunity for attendees to:

  • Learn about AppeX, our lightweight, flexible web app framework that allows developers to utilize and integrate current web frameworks like HTML5 and JavaScript
  • See AppeX examples
  • Understand:
    • How AppeX works in the Cincom Smalltalk IDE
    • How to run and debug AppeX with Chrome

Niall talked about using AppeX in the Cincom Smalltalk IDE to learn, code, build and deploy JavaScript, while Vlad, the veteran JavaScript expert on our team, demonstrated using AppeX with Chrome to inspect and debug.