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Performance Pattern of SPY and Its Significance to Market Behavior Leads to New Screencast

In a recent edition of Quantifiable Edges, Rob Hanna discusses the significance of market behavior after SPY closes in the bottom 25% for four days in a row.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term SPY, it is a ticker symbol for a Standard & Poor’s 500 exchange-traded fund (EFT).

According to Rob Hanna, a full-time market professional since 2001, president of Hanna Capital Management, LLC and founder of Quantifiable Edges, the performance, which has been persistently weak in the afternoon, could be a sign that this recent afternoon selling could be setting SPY up to bounce, which is what happens when a stock hits an old high, a moving average, a trend line, or a combination of these. As a result, the stock moves significantly upward.

Watch below, or click here to learn more, including an explanation of how to re-create this information in just a few lines of code.

Quantitative Gems Screencast

Have you seen the Quantitative Gems? This new series of screencasts is an introduction to Quantitative Analysis (QA)—a technique that uses mathematical and statistical modeling, measurement and research to understand behavior. The screencasts include guided examples of how to do Quantitative Analysis as well as creating charts and indicators in Cincom Smalltalk. This series will also walk you through how to build algorithms and interactive charts. The code scripts can be run in our Windows-centric ObjectStudio product or our cross-platform VisualWorks product. The code is almost identical for both, and we walk you through exactly how to do it in either (or both!).

With the holidays coming up, it’s a perfect time to binge this screencast series.  Learn more and watch them here.

Quantitative Analysis