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Quantitative Gem: Improving Performance with Cincom Smalltalk

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Last month, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager, Arden Thomas, introduced a new series of screencasts that served as an introduction to Quantitative Analysis (QA)—a technique that uses mathematical and statistical modeling, measurement and research to understand behavior.

The screencast series includes guided examples of how to do Quantitative Analysis as well as creating charts and indicators in Cincom Smalltalk, walking users through how to build algorithms and interactive charts. 

  • For more information about this new series, click here.

The new Quantitative Gems Screencast for this month discusses ideas on improving performance, demonstrating basic ways to time code, locate bottlenecks and improve code execution time.   


  • The Personal Use License (PUL) or the commercial product of Cincom VisualWorks installed  
  • The example code loaded
  • The needed stock data files downloaded
  • The example setup done


  • Advanced Tools Profiling

We hope you find the new Quantitative Gems Screencast for this month to be informative and helpful.