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In Our Changing World, Communication Is Key to Our Customers and Partners

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In “Communicating through the Coronavirus Crisis,” Paul A. Argenti of Harvard Business Review says that companies should regularly communicate with customers during the pandemic.

“Customers require a different approach than employees given that companies do not have the same access nor frequency with this constituency. … Focus on what is important to the customer. … Provide relief when possible. … Focus on empathy.”

We couldn’t agree more, and that is one of the reasons we have kept the regular frequency of the Cincom Smalltalk Digest newsletter each month.

Cincom plays a significant leadership role in providing commercial Smalltalk to customers and partners around the world, as well as the Smalltalk community. Because of this, it’s imperative that we consistently communicate with our customers and partners. Without consistent communication, those who use Cincom Smalltalk may not know what tools and resources are provided through Cincom.

From upgrading products to the current release of Cincom Smalltalk Version 9, promoting customer and partner offerings for resale and adding value for their companies, to customer programs and services, tutorials, videos and helpful newsletters, we have all of our resources, programs and product information listed here.

As a customer or partner, do you have any feedback for our team? Is there some content or information you would like to see on our website, on our social platforms, or in our newsletters? Please send your comments or suggestions to the Cincom Smalltalk Product Team at