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NEW Hidden Gems Screencast: Practical Pragmas and Productivity

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Arden Thomas, the Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager, started the Hidden Gems screencast series to share shortcuts, tips and techniques that might make it easier for others to use or jumpstart their Cincom Smalltalk usage. In these screencasts, Arden shares how he uses various components of Cincom Smalltalk, as well as features that he uses for his own productivity that he considers “hidden gems.”

In this edition of the Digest, we’ve given several examples of how Cincom Smalltalk can help customers, partners and users with this productivity. This month’s Hidden Gems screencast is an introduction to pragmas.

The idea for this screencast came when a Cincom Smalltalk engineer suggested a Hidden Gems on “pragmas,” which was the seed idea. Arden then added to that idea with the thought about productivity and wanting to show a practical use of pragmas, combined with wanting a faster way to launch browser subsets that are frequently used in development. A “pragma” allows you to annotate a method with declarative metadata.
In this new Hidden Gems screencast, we will:
  1. Discuss what pragmas are
  2. Build some productivity tools, and make them available in the launcher, using pragmas
  3. Give some other tool tips (GHPragmaSender, a tool in Contributed Components on our website):
    • GHPragmaSender can be found in the Contributed/Heeg directory as well as the public repository.
    • GHPragmaSender allows you to search for senders and implementers of pragmas, just as you do with methods.

Please send comments, questions and suggestions to the Cincom Smalltalk Product Team at

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