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What Are the Benefits of the Hidden Gems Screencast?

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Whether you’ve been using Cincom Smalltalk for days or decades, the Hidden Gems Screencast can help grow in your knowledge

Each month, Arden Thomas, the Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager, produces a popular screencast called Hidden Gems. The purpose of the Hidden Gems Screencast is to give developers who use Cincom Smalltalk some valuable insight into the useful abilities of the products that may not be obvious. But what is the value of this screencast? What are the benefits of learning about these Hidden Gems?

Suzanne Fortman took to the camera to explain the benefits users receive from these monthly screencasts. As Suzanne said, whether you’ve been using Cincom Smalltalk for days or decades, these Hidden Gems can help you grow in your knowledge and learn new things to spark fresh ideas in your development.

Check out Suzanne’s comments below: