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Cincomer to Lead Workshop at Upcoming Conference

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On February 5-9, the OOP 2018 Conference in Munich, Germany will take place, and Cincom’s Helge Nowak will be giving a half-day tutorial on the subject of “Collaborating Mobs”. Collaboration in real time, the ultimate level in software development: all members work at the same time on the same artifacts. No dream! Already today we see processes like Swarming or Mob Programming grow into acceptance. This workshop will give you a fun opportunity to experience what happens in the team and between teams. How do mobs work together?

Anyone can attend regardless of technical expertise: we use English (or German) as the development language and Google Docs as the IDE. Bring a WLAN-enabled device that can run Google Docs.

Target Audience: Developer, Product Owner, Architects, Project Leader
Prerequisites: none
Level: Practicing