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Interesting facts about Collaboration: Events in the UK and Germany

Can real-time collaboration shorten the time between idea conception and feature availability? What are the effects on product quality and team productivity? What technical and process challenges need to be overcome? How can it be used by distributed teams?

We have a range of interesting findings about pair programming, team collaboration in a single code space, continuous integration and continuous testing. 

Hereafter a few events where you can learn more about real-time collaboration:

  • ALE (Agile Lean Europe unconference), Berlin, Germany
    September 07-09
    “Collaboration: At the Extremities of Extreme” – Jason Ayers (Thursday, September 08)
  • Agile Cambridge (Agile Software Development), Cambridge, UK
    September 29-30
    “Collaboration: At the Extremities of Extreme” – Jason Ayers
    “Hands-On: Wolf Pack Programming” – Jason Ayers, Helge Nowak
    (both Friday, September 30)
  • MAG:RAILS, Manchester, UK
    October 14-15
    “At the Extremities of Extreme” – Jason Ayers (Friday, October 14)
    “Wolf Pack Programming Workshop” – Jason Ayers (Saturday, October 15)
  • web DevCon, Hamburg, Germany
    October 17-18
    “Real-Time Collaboration – Schneller zum Erfolg” – Helge Nowak (Monday, October 17)
  • XP Days Germany, Karlsruhe, Germany
    November 17-19
    “Collaborative Composition” – Helge Nowak (Thursday, November 17)

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