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Cincomers to Speak at Upcoming JavaScript Meetup

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Like chocolate and peanut butter, Cincom Smalltalk and JavaScript go hand and hand and you have an opportunity to see that for yourself at an upcoming JavaScript Meetup.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Arden Thomas and Vladimir Degen will be giving talks at CharmCityJS. This meetup brings the JavaScript community of Baltimore together on the first Wednesday of each month for talks, hacking and networking. They welcome newcomers of all experience levels, from first-time web programmers to CTOs. The meeting takes place at Oath, 2400 Boston Street Suite 300 Baltimore, MD. 

Here is what Arden and Vlad will be talking about:

Title: Introduction to Smalltalk and AppeX: A Smalltalk IDE for JavaScript Web Application Development and Deployment
Speakers: Arden Thomas and Vladimir Degen
Time: 30 minutes

This talk includes:

  • A brief introduction to Smalltalk and the benefits of knowing where OO languages began
  • The principles of the language and the benefits of a modern Smalltalk implementation
  • How knowing Smalltalk can enhance your skills for any OO language
  • Base for JavaScript tools like AppeX 
  • An introduction to the AppeX development environment
  • A simplified way of developing, debugging and managing JavaScript and HTML code (and external libraries)
  • Some fun with automating JavaScript applications for the purpose of functional testing

If you are in the Baltimore area, Arden and Vlad would love for you to stop by, listen to their talk and meet them afterwards.  We look forward to seeing you all there!