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“Cincom Does So Much for Smalltalk”

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Last month, FAST (Fundación Argentina de Smalltalk) hosted its 11th annual Smalltalks 2017 Conference at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

Suzanne Fortman, the Director of Smalltalk Global Operations, was asked to be a speaker at the conference. The topic of her talk was about the business side of Smalltalk and covered programs available to partners and students, the various ways Cincom works to build up and grow the Smalltalk Community and many other things.

You can watch Suzanne’s talk below:

We heard many great things about this talk and wanted to share some of the comments here:

“Suzanne, you had such great energy! You were funny, your eye contact was on point, and you gave us so much information! Very conversational!”

“Great talk, you made me think about what I want to do, who I want to be. You were so inclusive for the whole community at every level. I’ve had many discussions that seem more like career counseling. I heard other vendors and students saying that they feel pumped up about Smalltalk and the future.”

“Your talk really made me think about the opportunities I have with Smalltalk, it’s not just for programming.”

“I have so many ideas for applications. Now I’ll consider which to do first when I know the problem I will solve.”

“I was feeling stuck and after your talk, now I have so many thoughts of what I can do.”

“Cincom does so much for Smalltalk!”

“I like the idea of creating a business plan for me to interview and sell my ideas better. Maybe even get a raise!”

“Letting the young students know why sales and marketing is so important for engineers was so important. They think it’s not important and now they know it’s the most important for their future and opportunities.”

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To view the PowerPoint of the presentation Suzanne gave, click here.