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Introducing StakePoint

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Developed for Managers

StakePoint integrates the tracking and management of projects by enabling realistic forecasts and critical projections by using a continuous path model for a better understanding of planning. StakePoint also introduces a matrix navigation that improves project visibility through commitments, progress lines and loads of resources across different projects.

Users can import and export MS Project files without limits, create PDF files up to A0 and export just about anything. Windows or Mac StakePoint can be used as a desktop application, or users can exploit its opportunities in the hybrid cloud and collaborate through a database in their organizations or via a DBaaS solution in the cloud.


  • An integrated load analysis Gantt chart
  • Cutting and matrix navigation
  • Continuous analysis of critical paths
  • Integrated management
  • The ability to track tasks with advancements history
  • S-curve analysis through extensive selections of multiple projects and resources
  • Collaboration with an unlimited number of users who share the same database
  • Multiple projects with resource sharing and relations between projects
  • Integrated management of simplified documents with documents directly related to tasks
  • Import and export to Microsoft Project (XML format)
  • The ability to create high-quality PDF documents (up to A0)
  • Compatible with Oracle databases, SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • Compatible with DBaaS solutions in the cloud
  • The ability to create for Mac and Windows
  • The ability to run identically on OSX and MS Windows

StakePoint is now available via the Mac App store.