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Introducing Text2 (Preview)

Posted on in Categories Cross-Platform, VisualWorks

In this release, Cincom® VisualWorks® has three new widgets to give developers access to new capabilities for their applications. In future releases, Text2 will be used in the browser for both products and will give them new capabilities. Text2 will also have a very positive impact on internationalization capabilities. Below are some of the new capabilities that Text2 offers.

  • Adornments ‒ strikethrough, jagged underlines, double underlines and more
  • Actions ‒ clicking on a piece of text could activate a hyperlink
  • Annotations ‒ pop-up extra information as the mouse moves over a section of text
  • Variable font sizes in the same document
  • Vertical alignment within lines
  • Bidirectional content with support for embedded direction marks
  • Unicode font measuring and rendering
  • Images within documents
  • Lists both bulleted and numbered, with international numbering schemes
  • Extensible design to add new features
  • Sparse editing history to support large editing and unlimited undo/redo
  • Multilingual unicode word and sentence detection rules

These are just a few of the notable improvements.

See the Text2 abilities in action!