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Good News: Resolutions Resolved in the Upcoming Cincom® VisualWorks® 7.8 Release

Good news! There are many resolutions addressed in the upcoming release of VisualWorks 7.8.  Some of the resolutions are a mixture from 7.7 as well as 7.7.1.  We hope VisualWorks users will find a great improvement in the performance of Store and the Merge tool. 

Many of the solutions in the upcoming release address issues that were reported in these areas.  Other areas of interest include Web Services, External Interface, DDE and other miscellaneous areas.

Once you install VisualWorks 7.8, look for a file called “ARs_Resolutions78Release.txt”.  It contains a cross-reference from AR number to Resolution number.  Here is a “snippet” from that file.

Resolution Number Resolution
61581 99475 Error in DDEClientSession in connection to Microsoft Excel.
61790 99336 Changing libraryName breaks C methods on ExternalInterface.  
61894 98928 Exception in Store Garbage Collection due to integrity constraint violation for property records.
61273 99345 After activating the horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars of the Main Window, the widget placement is not correct.

Simply get the list of resolutions you have applied to your image from the System About box, and then do a “find” within “ARs_Resolutions78Release.txt” to find out if your resolution has been addressed in 7.8. This will definitely help you decide which resolutions to move forward when you are upgrading to VisualWorks 7.8. If it is not found in this document, please contact Smalltalk Support and we can further verify your findings. 

This idea came directly from our customers, and we hope it’s viewed as one more feature to ease the upgrade process.  .