Cincom Smalltalk is and will remain
our central development environment in the near future.

Margit Steinmayr, CEO, Steinmayr Net Intelligence GmbH

What Does Cincom Smalltalk Cost?

Thank you for your interest in Cincom Smalltalk. We believe strongly that it is a great platform upon which to build applications for use in the corporate world, as well as a great platform for those seeking to build a software business of their own. In order to give you specific information on pricing, we need to better understand the type of company you represent and the type of application that you are considering. Here is a high level overview of how we work with our customers. We work with customers that tend to fall into one of three categories and have adopted a pricing model that fits the needs of each of one.

Here are the categories and a general description of the pricing model used:

Corporate Customers

Who it’s for: Companies that plan to use Cincom Smalltalk for developing applications for use within their own corporation.

In this environment Cincom Smalltalk is sold on a subscription basis and pricing is based upon how the application will be deployed. For applications that are client based, we use the number of users as the basis for the pricing. For applications that are server based our pricing is based on the number of CPU cores being used in the application deployment. If the application is a mixture of deployment environments we work with our customer to establish a pricing structure that best fits the application. Our pricing is structured so that the price per user/server decreases as the application gets deployed to a larger user base.

Value Added Resellers

Who it’s for: Companies that plan to use Cincom Smalltalk for developing applications that they plan to resell to their own customers.

In this environment Cincom Smalltalk is sold on a royalty basis. As your application is sold to customers Cincom receives a royalty payment that is based on an agreed upon percentage of the revenue earned. Percentage discounts are available to those Value Added Resellers that wish to commit to specific levels of committed revenue and/or contract length. This allows the contracts to more closely match the revenue streams of start up companies and those that have more consistent revenue streams from their applications.

System Integrators

Who it’s for: Usually consulting companies that are building applications on behalf of their clients.

In this environment there are several options available to the Systems Integrator which are based upon the ongoing relationship that they may have with the client after a Cincom Smalltalk application has been written and is deployed. We have some System Integrators that purchase and manage the licenses on behalf of their customers and others that allow their customers to purchase the required deployment licenses directly from Cincom. The pricing models used withSystems Integrators are usually the same as for Corporate customers as shown above, but with additional incentives for the System Integrator.

We hope this information has provided you with a basic understanding of how we work with our customers. The next step to better understanding which license type is best for you is to get information directly from one of our Cincom Account Executives. We recommend a five or ten minute phone call with one of our Account Executives. However, if you prefer email, that is fine too. Please send a request for an Account Executive to contact you or any other questions regarding pricing and licensing to