Cincom Smalltalk is and will remain
our central development environment in the near future.

Margit Steinmayr, CEO, Steinmayr Net Intelligence GmbH

Our Products

Cincom is the world leader in Smalltalk application development software, Smalltalk web application development tools and deployment environments. If you are looking for Windows-centric application development, try Cincom® ObjectStudio®. If you are looking for enterprise-level cross-platform, custom application development that connects to everything, try Cincom® VisualWorks®. Cincom Smalltalk cuts the complexity that complicates software development while accelerating your potential for profitable growth. These robust development tools help you create value at the lowest possible risk and assures you of the fastest return on investment.

Cincom Smalltalk Foundation

The Cincom ObjectStudio and Cincom VisualWorks Foundation has major improvements.

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Cincom ObjectStudio

ObjectStudio is an object-oriented application development/deployment platform for creating and maintaining business applications. For developers of scalable internet, intranet and client/server applications, ObjectStudio programming tools provide increased productivity to help you meet the rapid time-to-market requirements of today’s market.

For customers needing to build applications that cleanly fold into a Microsoft®-centric infrastructure, ObjectStudio is an excellent choice. It’s known as the “business person’s thinking tool.” Based on the powerful Smalltalk language, ObjectStudio provides a robust development environment, which is necessary to create innovative applications that capture complex business models and processes.

The ObjectStudio development suite is the premier, pure Windows Smalltalk development toolset. Providing complete access to all standard Windows services (COM and ODBC), ObjectStudio allows developers of native Windows applications to provide a complete solution.

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Cincom VisualWorks

VisualWorks is an enterprise-class, cross-platform, application development and delivery platform that’s used by world-class companies in areas such as semiconductor manufacturing, shipping, financial risk management, insurance, banking, government, education and healthcare.

VisualWorks includes components for any type of work that your team might contemplate—Client, Server, Client-Server, Distributed, Grid or Web—and allows you to build them with superior development tools.

VisualWorks can work or integrate with most standard technologies such as internet protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3, etc.), secure protocols (TLS, SSL, HTTPS), most relational databases (RDBs), sockets, COM, Web services (WS*), Web standards (HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, WebSockets), MQSeries and more. This allows VisualWorks to seamlessly plug into an enterprise infrastructure—an important feature for IS shops that need to integrate multiple applications from multiple sources.

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