With such a high productivity
factor that Smalltalk gives us, reaction times to market changes have enabled us to beat most of our competitors.

Dr. Colin Lewis, Vice-President, JPMorgan

Our Products

Cincom is the leading provider of commercial Smalltalk in the world.  Cincom Smalltalk adds value and simplicity to application development software, web application development tools and deployment environments. Both Cincom® ObjectStudio and Cincom® VisualWorks® share the same core libraries and foundation.  This means foundation improvements improve both products.

Cincom Smalltalk is used for:

  • Client, Client/Server, Web Browser, Web Server and distributed applications
  • Consistent or on-going and productive application development
  • Application development with less maintenance and few problems
  • Platform portability and flexibility in application development
  • Business Process Analysis and Management
  • Citizen development
  • Academia – The best solution to teach Object-Oriented development and principles, as well as student-created applications

Cincom Smalltalk Foundation

The Cincom ObjectStudio and Cincom VisualWorks Foundation has major improvements.

Cincom ObjectStudio 

An ideal solution for developing custom applications for Windows®.

Cincom VisualWorks 

An ideal solution for enterprise-level, cross-platform, custom application development