Smalltalk and ObjectStudio
have enabled us to build a true small-business framework which we can reutilize and tailor for each new customer context.

Serge Lehmann, EBC Informatique Project Manager

Cincom Smalltalk Store Repository

A public Store Repository is now available for group projects, code sharing, and donations. Store is an integrated source code management and version control system for team development in Cincom VisualWorks . Store can use a variety of popular, commercially available databases systems (e.g., Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, and DB2). The public repository uses a PostgreSQL database. To access it from VisualWorks, you will need to load the StoreForPostgreSQL parcel, shipped with the standard distribution. This contains the VisualWorks PostgreSQL support, and also loads Store automatically. This parcel can be found in the Version Control category in the Parcel Manager and is located in the /contributed subdirectory of the standard VisualWorks distribution. The parcel contains the EXDI and Store connection that Bruce Badger has made available.

Obtaining Access

For read access you can login as a guest. For write access you’ll need to register for a login ID. To register, please send an email request to Arden Thomas, the Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager.

Connecting to the Store Repository

To connect, select Store > Connect to Repository… in the VisualWorks Launcher window, and create an access profile. When you are finished, use Save… to save your profile for future use.

Connecting to the Repository as Guest

To get read-only access to the repository, create an access profile as follows:

Connecting to the Repository as a registered user

To get full access to the repository, create an access profile as follows:
You can also access the repository via port 80 instead of the default port 5432. To do this, simply replace the port number in the environment string:

Repository Contents

Packages in the database are described on the Public repository contents page.


If you have a store account but cannot connect any more, you are probably trying to use the old server. Check your environment string, it should read: We are interested in receiving any and all feedback on the repository and the Store source management tools for VisualWorks. Please direct comments to Arden Thomas, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager.