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Getting Started with Cincom Smalltalk™ Objects and MongoDB

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In the Big Data world, speed wins over space.

In the latest Cincom Smalltalk Digest, we posted a story about using Cincom Smalltalk and MongoDB.  This week, we want to show you how to get started.

Assuming that you’re already comfortable using Smalltalk, Cincom® VisualWorks® and the Store code repository system, just load MongoObjectRepository (1.1) from the public repository and select any test from the class MongoObjectGraphsTest. The tests are different examples of storing and retrieving objects and use the Mongo(class)>>default values for connecting with your MongoDB server (host: ‘localhost’ port: 27017). Change this method’s values as necessary.

For anyone who isn’t an expert Smalltalker or is unfamiliar with VisualWorks, here are more details for getting started:

  • Start VisualWorks and load the parcel (under Suggestions/Popular) ‘StoreForPostgreSQL’.
  • Next, load the parcel RBSUnitExtensions (under Suggestions/Popular). This allows you to run the tests, which serve as examples.
  • Using Store/Connect to Repository from the main menu, connect to the Cincom Public Repository using the standard ‘guest’ login as follows:
Interface: PostgresSocketConnection


              User Name: guest

              Password: guest

              Table Owner: BERN
  • After connecting, in the Published Items window that appears, select ‘MongoObjectRepository’ and right-click ‘load’ on version 1.1. This will also load MongoTalk, the essential interface code contributed by experts, which the examples depend upon.
  • Open a browser and locate MongoObjectRepository in the left (Package) pane.
  • Locate the class MongoObjectGraphsTest in the next pane and highlight that class so that its methods appear in the two rightmost panes (protocol and method).
  • In the bottom of your browser, click the ‘Run’ button to run all of the tests.
  • Insert a breakpoint (right click in the bottom, source code pane) anywhere near the start of a test that interests you and run the test again to single step through the code.

Ready to Try Cincom Smalltalk For Yourself?

If this story has inspired you to use Cincom Smalltalk and MongoDB together, here’s your chance to try it out for yourself.  Download your personal use copy for free here.