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Upskilling and Reskilling: What Are They?

Why Companies Should Reskill or Upskill Talent

Simply expressed, “reskilling” refers to the acquisition of extra knowledge and abilities that may help employees transition into other positions, whereas “upskilling” refers to training that improves employees’ proficiency in their current occupations.

Workers who invest in their own professional development have the potential to transform into a flexible and responsive army as the world around them evolves.

AG5 Skills Management Software

AG5 is a software company based in Amsterdam and Berlin that has been developing tools for managing skills, competencies and knowledge for nearly 20 years. AG5 has created the first and only plug-n-play skills-management software.

The previous worldwide epidemic has had a devastating impact on several sectors, leading to layoffs, hiring freezes and furloughs. The transportation sector, the hotel sector, the restaurant sector and the oil and gas sector were all severely impacted. KLM Cargo and AKKA Technologies in aviation and logistics, ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Gent in steel manufacturing, Cérélia and Intersnack in food production and Buyitdirect (an IT reseller) are just some of the businesses that AG5 Skills Management Software serves. Firefighters and EMS workers are two examples of how AG5 has aided the public safety sector.

By giving clients an overview of their employees’ present and lacking abilities, AG5 is able to give invaluable insights for reskilling staff. This is particularly important in the modern business environment, with its fluctuating supply and demand and distributed workforce. AG5 data also gives a more complete picture of available workers whose skillsets are comparable to those of absent coworkers.

AG5 noticed that many prospects use Microsoft Excel as a skills-management system. When compared to the AG5 Skills Management Software, Excel quickly becomes too complex as the amount of data increases. AG5’s software is very user-friendly and requires no programming skills whatsoever. It’s a robust solution that doesn’t require much manual work compared to Excel sheets for example. On top of that, it allows valuable insights to become visual. With AG5’s Skills Management Software, team managers gain an overview of their team(s) that’s easy to share across several organizational levels.

What sets AG5 apart from LMS and HRM systems is its dedication to skills management, competence management and a skills matrix. Other platforms and tools offer skills management as an additional service, which is too simplistic or basic for some organizations.

What Is Cincom’s Involvement?

Cincom VisualWorks helps AG5’s development team to be very productive in an ever-changing environment. AG5 is constantly gaining a clear, competitive advantage over other vendors since they can instantly adopt any new training methodology, increased legislation requirements or changed organizational structures and thus be able to quickly respond to new demands.

According to Anthia Moehamadidris, Growth Marketeer at AG5,

“AG5 is built using Cincom VisualWorks, which has proven to be extremely robust for years. This programming environment plays well with all kinds of new technological developments, whether on the front or back end. In our industry and with our current growth, that is a real relief.”

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