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Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many customers and partners as other commercial providers.

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Why Can’t I Use the Latest Apple OS (MacOS) with the PUL?


As has been explained on several other FAQs on our website, the current Personal Use License of Cincom Smalltalk (which is Cincom® ObjectStudio® 8.9 and Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.3) does not work with the latest Apple OS (MacOS). Only current versions of Cincom Smalltalk (9.x and above) will work on recent Apple operating systems.

The current version of Cincom Smalltalk is only available to current customers and partners. If you require the latest version to work with the current MacOS, please reach out to the Cincom Smalltalk STAR Team and we will get you started on your customer journey.