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Questions about MacOS

In recent times Apple has made some significant changes in its platforms and operating systems.  Questions you may have: 
  1. Does VisualWorks run on MacOS 11 (Big Sur)  It is our recommendation that you do not upgrade your MacOS platform to MacOS 11 until you have received VisualWorks 9.1 if you need to run VisualWorks on that platform.  VisualWorks 9.1  (when released) is the first version to support Big Sur. 64 bit only as required by Apple.
  2. Does VisualWorks run on the new M1 Arm processor? VisualWorks will run currently on an M1 CPU,  using the x86_64 emulation software (Rosetta 2) from Apple.  It will likely run, albeit very slowly.  Cincom continues to work on a native VisualWorks VM for the MacOS ARM platform, and it remains in active development.  Release date TBD.
  3. Does VisualWorks run on MacOS Catalina (10.15.x)? VisualWorks 9.0 and newer will run on MacOS Catalina (10.15.x). 64 bit only as required by Apple. 
More questions?  If you have more questions, feedback, or would like to discuss the product, please contact the product manager Arden Thomas,
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