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How Cincom Smalltalk Can Help You Be a More Productive Software Developer

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Pearls of Smalltalk

The “Pearls of Smalltalk” lists “productivity” as the first pearl.  Here are other ways Cincom Smalltalk can help you develop software better:

Umair Haque, the author of Betterness: Economics for Humans and the director of Havas Media Labs, says that productivity is often mislabeled as making stuff cheaper. In reality, Umair correctly states that productivity should be more about “making stuff better.”

To add more, Aytekin Tank, the Entrepreneur Leadership Network VIP at, says the following in his article, “Why Founders Should Focus on Productivity Instead of Efficiency: Productivity is a way to accomplish more of what matters in your business”:

“While efficiency means doing more with less, productivity is about doing more with the same … and it’s a pursuit grounded in quality. After all, who cares whether you cross four extra tasks off your to-do list, if those activities don’t move the needle for your business? An effective morning routine or work schedule should help you to do more of what really matters. That’s why I believe founders and CEOs should focus on productivity, not efficiency.”

The “Pearls of Smalltalk” lists “productivity” as the first pearl.  Here are other ways Cincom Smalltalk can help you develop software better:

  • Productivity – In studies and comparisons, Cincom Smalltalk is consistently more productive than any other mainstream language.
  • Simplicity – The language design is simple, consistent and efficient, allowing users to get more done with less.  This means fewer problems and less maintenance for our users. It also means that users can get their arms around more complex problems.
  • Pioneering – From Smalltalk’s heritage at the legendary PARC labs, to modern development techniques, Cincom Smalltalk’s technology has and is setting standards. From the graphical user interface to XP/Agile development, people who use our technology are continually making or influencing software development.
  • Portability – Cincom Smalltalk is a leader in platform portability, which minimizes risk and protects the user’s development investment while getting the platform flexibility they need for their applications.
  • Broad Application Flexibility – Cincom Smalltalk has proven successes with Client, Client/Server, Web Browser, Web Server and Distributed applications.
  • Enjoyment – Developers who use our technology get more done and enjoy doing it. Better morale leads to better employee retention.