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How Cincom Smalltalk Could Boost Your Career in 2022

How Cincom Smalltalk Could Boost Your Career in 2022

For those who are looking to develop new or additional skills or become better at a job in which they are already performing, Cincom Smalltalk may provide a boost to your career.

In late 2022, Forbes posted a story on 4 Booming Career Paths to Secure Your Future In 2022. In this article, Ashley Stahl considers the following four types of career paths that could assist the reader in developing a 2022 career plan: knowledge-based, skills-based, entrepreneur-based and freelance.

  1. Knowledge-based career paths – Rely on experience-based knowledge. A career path based on this type will rely heavily on moving up the corporate ladder, with each position serving as a stepping stone to the next.
  2. Skills-based career paths – Physical, hands-on or service-oriented careers that necessitate a thorough understanding of how a specific job role functions.
  3. Entrepreneur-based career paths – Centered on solving a problem or meeting a need with a self-developed product or service and are built on the premise of solving a consumer problem.
  4. Freelancers or independent contractors – A non-employee individual or business that completes a specific task or project for a company.
    NOTE: Following the pandemic, freelancing has grown significantly due to people preferring a work-life balance over company perks.

Whichever category you may currently fall into or may be considering, Cincom Smalltalk has a solution for you. The bridge between the CST PUL Program (trial version) and full licensing is the REV 9.1 Program. The REV 9.1 Program is only available for purchase on our website and gives developers an affordable entry into a connection with the Cincom platform. For $1,000, program members get:

  • Development access to the current version of Cincom Smalltalk for one full year
  • A 12-month preview of the customer experience with Cincom
  • Full support for one year
  • An opportunity to create a success story to market your application or business
  • Helpful tutorials and screencasts
  • Video archives covering many topics
  • … and much more!

NOTE: If you experience an issue with the REV 9.1 Program purchase link, contact