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How Does the Simplicity of Smalltalk Help Cincom Smalltalk Users?

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Having Smalltalk’s simplicity built-in, Cincom Smalltalk cuts complexities that often complicate software development, thus accelerating our user’s potential for value, profit and growth. For our customers and partners, this development tool helps create value at the lowest possible risk, assuring the fastest return on investment. 

Let’s use one of the Hidden Gems screencasts for an example. In Hidden Gems: Short and Simple, Arden demonstrates how users can write code that’s simple, clear and effectively communicates what it does. Having less code means less to maintain within the application, while making it easier to understand or make changes if needed. This, in turn, benefits the user by lower overall costs and a more enjoyable environment for development.

  • Want to see this in action? Watch Arden demonstrate how simple it is to create iterators, sorting and sub-sorting within an application here.

Cincom Smalltalk requires no compromises in our users’ development. Developers focus not on the code they’re writing but on the business processes they want to automate or the applications they want to build. Those processes and applications reflect the user’s professional expertise, not merely their coding and debugging skills. The result is a higher quality, higher value process or application.

Let’s use another Hidden Gems to illustrate this. In Hidden Gems BONUS: String Extensions, Arden shows various methods within the Smalltalk library that help users quickly customize their application by making frequent or difficult things easy. This screencast illustrates a string pattern matching utility that shows multiple means for simplifying the creation and execution of string pattern matching.

  • Interested in making frequent or difficult things easy in your application? Watch Arden explain how to do it here.