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How Cincom Communicates with Our Customers

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Current changes in our world have forced us as a society to do things differently, and many people are now forced to work in environments that are much different than they are used to.  Many Cincom Smalltalk customers are being asked to do things at their companies for the first time and may not know the numerous ways to communicate with us, nor what resources are available to them through Cincom.

We are here to help you!  

For your reference, here’s a rundown of the various ways we currently communicate, as well as some of the resources we have available for you:

  • Cincom Smalltalk Website – The landing page for all things Cincom Smalltalk.  Here, you can find:
    • Customer Product Request Form to upgrade to Cincom Smalltalk Version 9 (full release of Cincom ObjectStudio 9.0 and Cincom VisualWorks 9.0)
    • Our customer, partner and developer programs
    • Links to participate in product management mini-surveys
    • Places to subscribe to our valuable series of newsletters (links below).
  • Cincom Smalltalk Resolutions – Subscriber-based, monthly newsletter to customers.
  • Cincom Smalltalk Digest – Subscriber-based, monthly newsletter that is an index which highlights recent news, events and product information on our website.
  • Hidden Gems Screencasts – Provides useful insight for customers, partners and prospects into the abilities of the products that may not be obvious, and demonstrates how to be successful with our products.
  • Product Tutorials – How-to screencasts and visual tools that make it easy to be successful with our products.
  • How Do I? (FAQs) – A knowledge base of questions that our Product Team gets asked most often.  Most of these questions start with, “How do I … ?” so we labeled this area the “How Do I … ?” section. It is filled with questions from a variety of subjects about our products—from installation to specific uses in different platforms. 
  • Cincom Smalltalk Twitter
  • Cincom Smalltalk Facebook
  • Cincom Smalltalk YouTube
  • Cincom Smalltalk LinkedIn
  • Cincom Smalltalk Instagram
  • Cincom Smalltalk SlideShare

Feel free to share that list with your colleagues and send us your feedback because we’d love to hear from you. We know everyone gathers information in different ways. We truly want to communicate as effectively as we possibly can.

Reach out to the Cincom Smalltalk Product Team at with your ideas or with others who may need to hear from us.