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Cincom Smalltalk™ Enables Adventure World German Language Expansion

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Adventure World German Language, a museum-quality exhibit that showcases the extensive history of the German language, has undergone a significant expansion. Cincom and Georg Heeg eK are co-sponsors of the expansion, and just like the original project, all of the programming was done using Cincom Smalltalk.

There are two new exhibits: The “Guess What XYZ Means in ABC Dialect” game and a sound station with 70 buttons, 70 LEDs and a few hundred sound files. Surprisingly (or actually not surprisingly since Smalltalk was used) everything works as designed.

Rather than reporting on the expansion with just text, Georg chose to explain by using a few pictures.

On one of the panels, the second button has been pressed, the text is playing and thus the LED is lit.

Here is the team mounting one of the small panels to the big panel, with the map in the background.

Here is the map that was in the background in the picture above just before being mounted into the exhibition wall.

This is the control station running Cincom Smalltalk. Just turn on the power switch (bottom left) and a few seconds later the system works.

You’re probably thinking that it was a lot of work?  You’re right; but it was great fun!