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ESUG 2013 Focus: Multimedia Presentations at Adventure World German Language

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Multimedia Presentations at Adventure World German Language – Georg Heeg

Friday, September 13, 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

On April 27, 2013, Adventure World German Language opened at Köthen Castle as part of the Köthen History Museum ( In addition to traditional displays, there are three self-service, 42-inch touch monitors where visitors can interact with information systems that provide different kinds of information. These monitors are controlled by VisualWorks applications. One of the applications is the award-winning Scrabble in Seaside by Thorsten Seitz. The only tasks the developers need to fulfill are: 1. Easy to use by everybody without any explanation. 2. Show information in good-looking ways. Additionally there is a cinema where short movies are shown via a predefined schedule. Also, the controls of the cinema are implemented in VisualWorks including the display of the schedule for the rest of the day and the dimming of the lights before each show. The presentation will give you a look behind the scenes, explain why and how this was done in VisualWorks and talk about which additional Smalltalk components were helpful including Active-X and seaBreeze.

Biography: Georg Heeg learned Smalltalk in 1983 at Dortmund University. In 1987, he founded the first Smalltalk software house in Europe, which he has been running since then doing close to 100 percent Smalltalk. Georg is Executive Director of STIC (the Smalltalk Industry Council), which is a volunteer organization to promote Smalltalk.

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