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Cincom Smalltalk Premier Partner, Georg Heeg, Continues to Promote Cincom and Cincom Smalltalk in Europe!

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Having valued partners like Georg Heeg eK paves the way for Cincom Smalltalk’s success, and with that success comes growth and positive visibility for Cincom.  This is why we seek additional partners with the same caliber of excellence that we find with Georg Heeg’s organization.

The following is the translated version of a Germany newspaper article regarding Cincom’s involvement in an amazing success story in Germany.

American Company, Cincom, Supports Cöthen Permanent Exhibition, “Adventure World German Language”


KÖTHEN/MZ ─ Since April 27, 2013, the permanent exhibition, “Adventure World German Language,” has had its place in the historical Museum in Cöthen, Germany.  The initiator of the exhibition is the “New Fruitbearing Society to Cöthen/Anhalt” (NFG). The association’s goal is to generate interest in the German language and emphasize its value and beauty. The Cöthen Museum project not only attracted the interest of German sponsors, it generated the interest of an American company as well.

With the help of an extensive multimedia offering, visitors can move interactively on a journey through the history of the German language and understand the German language better. This offering was technically implemented by the Georg Heeg Cöthen software team.

Upon the language society’s request, Heeg did not hesitate to accept the opportunity to work on the project and agreed to the programming tasks. It some became clear what program should run the multimedia components: Smalltalk.

Smalltalk is an efficient and broadly tested software programming language that Heeg and his company have worked with for a long time. Because this system must be used only with a valid license, Heeg contacted long-time business partner Cincom Systems, an American company that has its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The company pledged to release the software licenses and in return hoped for an opportunity to advertise its products.

The software enables compact control of all multimedia stations in the exhibition spaces and above all, enables easy navigation of the self-service screens.

“The information should be immediately accessible. The operation follows Smartphone features, since young people can use it much easier than cumbersome metal knobs,” says Georg Heeg. Many historical writings are easily available, and you can dig into an extensive archive with a few taps. “The visitors can scroll virtually through the books. This can be not only interesting, but it can also be a lot of fun,” adds the Cöthen entrepreneur.

Not only did the NFG as the exhibition carrier benefit from the Smalltalk program, Cincom benefited as well. They have already sold this technology to Carl Zeiss company, which became aware of the system via the exhibition. There the system is used for the control of measuring machines.

Recently, the American software company promoted the exhibition in the town of Bach on their website. They pointed out that it is also on the “Fruitbearing society,” which is what Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft translates to in English. And so, Cincom is not only advertising for the “Adventure World German language” but also for Cöthen.