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Searching for a New Testing Tool?

Posted on in Categories ObjectStudio, Windows-Centric

Cincom ObjectStudioFor those who are looking for such a tool, we suggest that you take a look at the Personal Use License (PUL) version of Cincom® ObjectStudio®.

In ObjectStudio, you can save a screenshot from your user interface the way it is in your application.  When you change things up during testing, you can compare the saved image with a new snapshot of the changes to see what is different.  You can even roll your mouse over certain positions to see some of the effects on fields or buttons for comparison.

The following examples were created using the ObjectStudio Screenshot class.  You can take a screenshot and save it like this one:

You can run the screen again and take another screenshot (you don’t really need to save it).

Then you compare the new screenshot with the previous one and save the difference.

The non-black areas are the differences between the two screenshots.