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Cincom VisualWorks 7.10 Now Available!

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VisualWorksNow Available! Cincom® VisualWorks® 7.10

Cincom VisualWorks shares the Cincom Smalltalk Foundation with Cincom® ObjectStudio®. This Foundation consists of shared libraries, the virtual machine (VM) and other key components. To learn more about the updates to the Foundation, click here.

VisualWorks 7.10 is a major release with notable feature changes:

  • (New!) Text2 widgets (Preview) – Text2 is a very significant upgrade to the text capabilities. In this release, VisualWorks has three new widgets to give developers access to new capabilities for their applications. In future releases, Text2 will be used in the browser for both products and will provide new capabilities. Text2 will also have a very positive impact on internationalization capabilities.
  • UISkinning preview (native widget rendering on Windows, OSX)
  • Faster arithmetic operation on big endian platforms
  • Improved OSX keyboard bindings and menus

These are just a few notable improvements. Please see the 7.10 release notes and readme files for detailed release information.