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ESUG 2013 ─ Call for Presentations Deadline Extension

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Although conference organizers for ESUG 2013 are happy to report that they have received many excellent presentation proposals, they realize that Smalltalkers are very busy people.  Therefore, they have decided to extend the presentation deadline to July 7, 2013.

Some of the topics for the discussions and tutorials include:

  • XP practices,  development tools,  experience reports
  • Model-driven development,  web development, team management
  • Meta-modeling,  security,  new libraries and frameworks
  • Educational material,  Embedded systems and robotics
  • SOA and web services, interaction with other programming languages

New This Year!

Teaching Pearls

Conference organizers would like two new types of sessions in addition to the usual talk and show-us-your-projects sessions.

  • Show your business, 10-minute session (get prepared!)
  • Teaching Pearls: Sessions on teaching design aspects. Your tips and tricks for teaching Smalltalk or OOP.

Several 10- to 15-minute sessions are expected.

Open Forum: Starting with Smalltalk

The event will be held at IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc – University of Savoie.  This is an opportunity for students and local professionals to discover Smalltalk.  A room will be freely accessible, and talks and workshops for Smalltalk beginners are encouraged.

The list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Why Smalltalk ?
  • Panorama of Smalltalk solutions
  • Getting started with Smalltalk
  • Success stories

How to Submit

The presentation deadline has been extended to July 7, 2013, and notification of acceptance will be on done on the fly.

For more information, visit the 2013 ESUG Conference website here. Presentation slots are limited, so please don’t wait until the last minute to apply.

Prospective presenters should submit a request to and use the following header: [ESUG 2013 Developers].

Please follow the template below. The email will be automatically processed.

Subject: [ESUG 2013 Developers] + your name

First Name:

Last Name:

Email where you can always be reached:


Type: Tutorial/Talk/Teaching Pearl/OpenForum



Any presentation not submitted in this format will be discarded automatically.

See you at ESUG 2013!